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F.A.F — Flighty as Fuck

I make a choice to do something and I abandon it before I begin.

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Guess who’s back. Me, precious! I was talking to my mother the other day on one of our evening walks and I said aloud how I have been feeling and thinking all this time in my adulthood. I have never become established because I am flighty as fuck.

I make a choice to do something and I abandon it before I begin. I want to go to school, I want to major in English – No – Neuroscience – No – Computer Science – No – English – Wait, maybe I can photograph things and people….

What the ever-loving fuck??

I’m pure and simple burning rubber without getting anywhere and I wish it would stop. I can’t keep up with me anymore and I don’t want to.

4 comments on “F.A.F — Flighty as Fuck

  1. JWG,

    Distractibility is frustrating, but it makes you step back and look at the bigger picture of your actions / inactions. I sometimes find if I let myself drift out to those very big picture places, I start to see clearer paths for myself.



  2. Most of us don’t know what we want to be when we grow up. That’s not being flighty, that’s just being human.


    • I dunno. 31 still living at home and can say she’s never made enough money in her life to solely support herself seems a bit flighty to me.


  3. Don’t be hating yourself too much. I felt the same way for years. Figure out what makes you happy and pursue that. Unfortunately, this might a difficult thing to do, but if you ever need to talk, I’m around 🙂

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