Lena Dunham: Her words about abortion.

21 Dec

I was driving myself to work and listening to the latest episode of Lena Dunham’s podcast, Women of the Hour. I really related with something she was saying about abortion until the words coming out of her mouth made my face squinch*. Lena Dunham ended her part of the pro-choice talk segment saying she wishes she now had an abortion. Which without context sounds horrible and even with context — and understanding her sentiment behind the words — still borders on horrible.

What Lena** was talking about was how she always felt very pro-choice, but still inside of herself held the stigma a large part of society tries to instill in us. That being, abortion is bad or is murder. Example, if the topic got brought up and Lena was asked if she had had an abortion before, she would respond immediately, No I have NEVER had one. She realized she was holding herself separate from the people*** she was trying to fight for and she discovered she would have to strip that stigma from herself. Now she doesn’t feel that stigma inside so she basically said she wishes she had experienced one so she could empathize better with the people she fights for.

So intellectually I understand what she was saying, but I still wouldn’t wish for something like that. I am pro-choice. I think abortion should be safe and legal everywhere.

But I still hold something in me that relates to the stigma Lena was talking about.

I wouldn’t choose to abort. I think every person has the right and should always keep the ability to be able to choose what they do with their bodies and their lives, but my personal choice wouldn’t be to abort. And I find that hard to explain to people when the topic comes up. It is like Lena before her epiphany, I am separating myself from those who choose to end their pregnancies. I don’t mean to, but it’s my personal feelings.

*It’s underlined as not being a real word, but is in the North American dictionary. So there.

**We are cool like that and Lena Dunham’s full name typed throughout the entire article seems a little much.

***Gender non-specificity is the new politically correct. Respect the LGBTQ community.


4 Responses to “Lena Dunham: Her words about abortion.”

  1. New York Cliche 12.26.2016 at 4:41 PM #

    Thanks for sharing these thoughts. I had the exact same face squinch (definitely should be a word) as you. I thought the episode was really well done- so rarely do we get such a full spectrum of “pro-choice”. Yes, her one face-squinch-inducing sentence was a huge mistake, and a really really stupid thing to say. She acknowledges that mistake. I hate that this is the only thing media talks about this episode and that the so many people are using this as an opportunity to hate on Lena Dunham without knowing anything other than the one sound bite. Thanks for exploring this more than- oh- pretty much every other article I’ve seen on the topic!

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    • Sarah 12.26.2016 at 5:07 PM #

      Thank you so much for such a well thought out comment. And I couldn’t agree more. I love Lena and the Women of the Hour podcast. That was an excellent episode. Most of them are. 😁


  2. premedsupport 03.01.2017 at 8:04 AM #

    I believe it is difficult to say you are “pro choice” when you haven’t experienced the heart ache and emotional damage of an abortion. There is no circumstance that makes abortion a happy choice. It tears a woman apart. I have experienced it and after going through it I became pro life because of how cold and sick you feel by denying a baby the chance to be alive. There are children who die everyday and it should be Gods decision. I wanted to be pro choice. I wanted to believe that having a choice was good. That was until I experienced what the choice really is. It isn’t a relief, it doesn’t feel good, it doesn’t make a person feel safer. You walk around life missing the little fetus. Wondering what or who they would have become. Yes I have kids now but I have had an abortion and wonder all the time who he or she would have been if I made a choice to have it. She would be 13 or 14 now. I just wish no one had to experience the pain of an abortion and the emotional heart ache.

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