Body Positive

30 Nov

I am overweight and I still love me. I hear from a friend this is a rare concept so she supposed I blog about it. People think it’s because I don’t see myself. I never had a weight issue growing up so I must mentally see the body I had then. That’s not the case. I do see my weight, it just has no bearing on how I feel about myself. I wish I could share this great secret so many could start feeling positive about themselves and loving who they are, but it feels so innate that I cannot pinpoint why I’m not obsessive about my weight or bummed out by not having that “bikini bod.”

And though I can be body shamed by others in little ways. Like them dropping their jaws when they hear I’m okay with how I look or I feel fine about my body; it is only for a moment and it is a mere question, I’m not supposed to be happy about me? That slight faltering in confidence lasts only a moment before I say, I’m not going to give them or society the power to dictate how I should feel. I’m just not. I FLAT OUT refuse.

So is there anything you’re fine or great with that society or people around you don’t understand? Or are you positive and confident about something and you actually know why and care to share? Spill it all, I’m listening.


3 Responses to “Body Positive”

  1. Holly 11.30.2016 at 10:52 AM #

    I think it is expected that I’m supposed to love myself being “more to love” because it is the stereotypical fat-girl that society wants to push (aka Sassy Grrrrrl). People are surprised I hate myself (when it comes up; I don’t share that info offline with just anyone).

    I love that you love you ❤

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    • Sarah Nicole 11.30.2016 at 10:59 AM #

      I hadn’t thought of it that way but I guess there are all sides. I guess I’ve only ever had friends that hated something about themselves so that’s all I ever knew. I’ve known too many with ED and other pains. And here I am. 5’3-1/2 and 165. Eating what I want when I want and trying to pursue to healthy real food often so my body doesn’t feel sluggish. But I ain’t going to lie, I had hot wings and fries last night. With a lemon water. You know, balance. 😊

      On a serious note I hope you love you one day. Hugs!

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  2. Green Embers 11.30.2016 at 11:50 PM #

    I am working on learning to love myself! I don’t care so much about the weight as I do about how it impacts my diabetes. So I need to lose the fat, but the desire isn’t like it should be. Imma working on it though. I already feel much more positive about myself after listening to affirmations for several weeks. And congratulations on 30 days! ❤

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